Support Coordination

Support Coordinators will support you to understand and implement the funded supports in your plan, including linking you with community, mainstream and other government services. This includes assisting to negotiate with providers about what they will offer you, and how much it will cost out of your plan, which will assist with optimising the use of your NDIS plan so that you are getting the most out of your funded supports. 

Support Coordination is provided by the NDIA as a temporary support, with the ultimate aim of supporting participants and/or their carers to build their capacity to coordinate their own NDIS plan and services in future. 

At Light Coordination and Therapy Services, we have a team of qualified Support Coordinator’s able to provide support, who have a passion for supporting people with understanding, implementing and making the most of their NDIS plan. Our Support Coordinators can provide support across all levels of Support Coordination:

  • Level 1: Support Connection

This support is to build your ability to connect with informal, community and funded supports, enabling you to get the most out of your plan and achieve your goals. 

  • Level 2: Support Coordination

This support will assist you to build your skills to understand, implement and use your own plan. A support coordinator will work with you to ensure a mix of supports are used to increase your capacity to maintain relationships, manage service delivery tasks, live more independently and be included in your community. 

  • Level 3: Specialist Support Coordination 

A higher level of Support Coordination for people whose situations are more complex and needing specialised support. A Specialist Support Coordinator has the same responsibilities as the other two levels, however also assists with managing challenges in complex circumstances, and ensuring consistent delivery of service. 


If you have Support Coordination funding in your NDIS plan and would like to connect with one of our experienced Support Coordinators, please complete our online form using the “Contact Us” button below, and one of our friendly team members will be in touch with you regarding the next steps.