Social Work

The Social Work profession seeks to promote social change, problem solving, empowerment, advocacy support, and the liberation of people to enhance wellbeing. Social workers practice from a person-in-environment lens and seek to understand the external factors impacting on an individual’s wellbeing, as well as supporting to create and/or maintain meaningful support systems for individuals. Social work support is holistic and strengths-based support that works to achieve the best outcomes for the individual and their family.

At Light Coordination and Therapy Services, our team of experienced Social Workers can provide therapeutic early intervention services for children, as well as support to adults around the following areas:

  • Zones of Regulation.
  • Sleep routines and strategies.
  • Counselling.
  • Independent Living Skills (budgeting, shopping).
  • Support with community engagement and participation.
  • Support with life transitions (kindy, school, employment).
  • Social and emotional development. 
  • Social Thinking.
  • Behaviour support.
  • General routine development.
  • Organisation skills.
  • Linking you to mainstream services.
  • Providing crisis management support.
  • Key Work.


If you would like to connect with one of LCTS’s experienced Social Workers, please complete our online form using the “Contact Us” button below, and one of our friendly team members will be in touch with you regarding the next steps.